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WPC wall panel outdoor
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Product Information

WPC wall panel, full name Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel (Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel), is a new environmentally friendly material wall panel made of wood pulp, polypropylene and other additives and high-tech production technology



    1. Environmental protection: WPC wall panels are made of environmentally friendly wood and plastic composite materials, which do not contain harmful substances and meet environmental protection requirements

    2.Waterproof and moisture-proof: WPC wall panels have excellent moisture-proof and waterproof ability, do not deform or expand in humid environments, and have a long service life.

    3. Anti-ultraviolet ray: WPC composite material has good anti-ultraviolet function, will not fade and yellow, and can withstand the test of various climatic conditions.

    4. Easy maintenance: WPC wall panel surface is smooth, will not be affected by corrosion, insect erosion, etc., cleaning and maintenance is convenient and simple.

    5. Beautiful: WPC wall panels have a variety of colors and patterns, the appearance is very similar to solid wood, and it also has artistic effects that are difficult to match with other wall materials such as steel and ceramics.

    6. Time-saving and labor-saving: WPC wall panel installation is convenient and fast, and can be installed by assembly, which can greatly shorten the construction period and installation cost.


    WPC Component 35% HDPE+60% wood fiber + 5% additives
    Standard Size As shown or as your requirement
    Installation Type Very easy install with accessories
    Color Cedar, Blue gray, Red pine, Red wood, Coffee, Light gray, Black, Brown, White, Green, or customized according to your request
    Surface Grooving, Embossing, Sanding, Brushing, New 3D Wood grain(hot)
    Brand Name EVERJADE
    Features Class B1 Fire-resistance/ Waterproof / Sound barrier/100% Recyclable/Less maintenance
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