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Outdoor Bamboo Decking
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Product Information

Bamboo decking or terrace bamboo flooring is installed outside, like garden, swimming pool, public area because it is anti-moldy, long-life flooring. Outdoor bamboo decking is made of high density bamboo fibers that are laminated together with an eco-friendly adhesive. The feature of its hard, durability and waterproof make it an ideal choice for residential and commercial applications. It can be used in bathroom, pool side, terrace, corridor and heavy step place.

The bamboo decking is spread on the balcony by hand, beautiful, quite satisfied. Customer service is also very friendly, it’s worth praising.
Product Type Outdoor Bamboo Decking
Size 1860x139x20mm / 1860x139x18mm
Constructions: Strand woven
Advantage  Pro-environment
Hard and wearable
Healthy and non-polluted
Convenient installation
Scratch resistance
Coating Oil surface for outdoor bamboo decking
Formaldehyde emission Up to E1 standard of Europe
Bamboo Decking Type
  • EJB-01

  • EJB-02

  • EJB-03

  • EJB-04

  • EJB-05

  • EJB-06

Bamboo Decking Application
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