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Plastic Pedestal
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Product Information

EverJade Plastic Pedestal is produced with PP material, and anti-UV additives. EverJade Pedestal features high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, weather resistance, and environment friendly. EverJade Pedestal adjustable height range is 30-1665mm, Slope correctory is 0-5%. EverJade Pedestal is widely used for outdoor or indoor terrace. It could easily support the timber floor, WPC decking, any kind of keels, stone deck, Marble, ceramic, metal, concrete tile, steel grating, and fiber grass etc.


    It is very easy to adjust the EverJade pedestals height, adding one Extender could raise the height of 80-120mm, and on a small range of height it just need to screw or unscrew the EverJade pedestals, after the EverJade pedestals reach the height you require screw down the strengthening right to fix the height. EverJade pedestal is also equipped with a safety clip system to avoid unscrewing.

    Name Creative Epidemic Decorative Pedestals
    Usage Base/support for the decking or tiles
    Materail PP
    Height range


    Loading ability  700kgs for 30-60mm and 1400kgs for 60-140mm and 140-220mm
    Color Black
    Application  field paving slabs and timber or timber composite decking on roof terraces, balconies, garden terraces, podiums around swimming pools, temporary floors in marquees and raised floors in the chemical, mechanical offshore oil rig,metallurgy industries and many other applications.
    Plastic Pedestal Type
    • EJP-01


    • EJP-02


    • EJP-03


    Plastic Pedestal Application
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