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PP Stone wall panel
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Product Information

PP stone wall panel is a panel made of environmentally friendly materials, its appearance is similar to natural stone, but it is lighter and more durable. The panel has sound insulation and sound absorption effects, which can effectively reduce indoor noise interference and improve comfort. In addition, PP stone wall panels can not only be used for wall decoration, but also for decoration of ceilings, columns, door and window covers and other parts. Its easy installation makes it ideal for commercial and home improvement.


    Features of the PP Stone wall panel

    1. Made of eco-friendly materials, with excellent durability and lightness.

    2. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, the material is flame retardant, not easy to burn, and can greatly reduce the risk of fire. It is not susceptible to heat damage even in the event of a fire.

    3. It has the characteristics of oxidation resistance and UV resistance, not easy to age and brittle, and can maintain the fire effect in long-term use.

    4. In the case of fire, it can reflect thermal radiation, thereby slowing down the development of fire, will not release harmful gases or toxic smoke, and protect the life safety of personnel.

    5. It has sound insulation and sound absorption effect, reduces noise interference and improves indoor comfort.

    6. Not only suitable for wall decoration, but also for other parts such as ceilings, pillars, doors and window covers.

    7. Simple installation, saving time and cost, can be widely used in commercial and home decoration.

    Stone Name Pu stone wall panel
    Material Pu/polyurethane
    Size 1200*600mm, 1200*300mm, customized
    Color White, Dark,Beige, Grey
    Stone Form Big Slab
    Type Artificial Stone
    Thickness 20-100mm
    Outstanding Lightweight, fast installation, fireproof, waterproof, strong
    Color selection
    PP Stone wall panel Application
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