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3D Deep Embossing Wpc Decking
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Product Information

New Wood Grain (NWG) Composite is a revolutionary product to traditional WPC or Co-extrusion WPC. The embossing process didn’t come from ‘ thermo print’ but ‘pressure print ’so this wood grain can stay at least 8-10 years. This product keeps plastic crust so the surface is more hard and absorb less water. scratch will not work on the surface because of the hard surface, water/ oil/ wine stain will not stay on the surface as well.


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    Product Type 3D Deep Embossing Wpc Decking
    Length 2.2m, 3m, 2.8m, 5.6m or customized
    Material Wood Powder: 60% + Plastic (HDPE): 30% + Additives: 10%
    Specification: Dimension: 136×25/ 146×25mm
    Water absorption Less than 1%
    Flame retarding level Level B1
    Advantage Physical feature increase by 20%

    More scratch-resistance

    Less water absorption

    No stain risk

    Long-lasting wood grain

    No risky of surface lifting ( comparing to Co-extrusion)

    Application Flooring, decking, engineering construction, Garden, lawn, balcony, corridor, garage, pool, boardwalk etc.
    Warranty 20 years
    3D Embossing WPC Decking
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