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PVC Wall Panel
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Product Information

PVC wallboard is a wall decoration material made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, and easy to clean, so it is widely used in interior wall decoration in humid environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets. The installation of PVC wall panels is simple and fast, and does not require complicated construction techniques such as painting and tile laying, which saves time and cost. At the same time, PVC wall panels have a variety of appearances, including wood grain, patterns, solid colors, etc., which can meet the individual needs of different consumers.


    Features of PVC Wall Panel

    1. Waterproof and moisture-proof: PVC material has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and can be used in a humid environment without moisture deformation.

    2.Wear-resistant and durable: PVC wall panel has high surface hardness, good wear resistance and long service life.

    3.Easy to clean: the surface of PVC wall panel is smooth, non-absorbent, easy to clean, and not easy to breed bacteria.

    4.Light and simple installation: PVC wall panels are lightweight, simple and quick to install, and do not require complex construction processes such as painting and tile laying, saving time and costs.

    5.Beautiful and good decorative effect: PVC wall panels have a variety of appearances, with wood grain, pattern, pure color and other choices, which can meet the individual needs of different consumers and have good decorative effects.

    6.Environmental protection and hygiene: PVC wall panel material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, will not cause harm to the human body, and meets health requirements.

    Name PVC wall panel
    Regular Size 20cm*7mm, 25cm*7mm, 25cm*8mm, 30cm*9mm, 40cm*9mm, 60cm*9mm
    Material PVC
    Project Solution Capability total solution for projects
    Color Customized Color Support
    Material Glossy
    Feature Waterproof, Fireproof, Easily clean,Low Maintainance
    Surface Treatment
    Glossy printing, Hot stamping and Laminated
    PVC Content 40%pvc, 45%pvc, 50%pvc, 55%pvc, 60%pvc, 65%pvc, 70%pvc, 80%pvc
    Main Market
    Africa (Ethiopia, South Africa, Angola, Kenya, Algeria … );
    Amercian (Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Dominican, Bolivia, Chile, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina…); Other countries (Iraq, UAE, Georgia, Bulgaria, Jordan, Lebanon, Vietnam,
    India, Palestine…)
    Application of PVC wall panel
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