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Acoustic wall panel
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Acoustic wall panel is a kind of material that can reduce noise transmission. It is usually made of environmentally friendly materials, such as wood, bamboo fiber, etc., and it has the function of sound insulation and sound absorption after special treatment. Acoustic panels can be used as decorative materials for walls, ceilings and floors, which can effectively block the interference caused by external noise and road noise to the indoor environment, and improve the comfort and quality of living, working and studying. In addition, the sound insulation board also has the characteristics of fire prevention and durability, which can provide guarantee for the safety and service life of the building.


    Features of soundproof wall panels

    1. Good sound insulation effect the soundproof wall panel adopts special process treatment, which has good sound insulation effect, which can effectively reduce the interference of external noise to the indoor environment and improve indoor comfort.

    2. Simple structure: the soundproof wall panel is easy to install, usually directly pasted or nailed to the wall or ceiling.

    3. Environmental protection and health: soundproof wall panels are made of environmentally friendly materials, do not contain harmful substances, and are harmless to human health.

    4. Strong decoration: soundproof wall panels have decorative effects and can be used as interior decoration materials such as walls and ceilings.

    5. Strong durability: The soundproof wall panel has good durability and can maintain the sound insulation effect and decorative effect for a long time.

    6. High safety: The soundproof wall panel is made of fireproof and flame retardant materials, which has good fire performance and can improve the safety of the building.

    Material MDF board & PET fiber
    Finish Paper or wood veneer
    Length 2400/3000 mm
    Width  400/600 mm
    Thickness  22 mm
    Eco-leve  (MDF board) CARB P2
    Flame restardant (felt) Can achieve EN 13501-1:2018 CLASS BASTM E84 CLASS A
    NRC  Sound absorption coefficient NRC=0.8
    Usage Decoration: Interior/Exterior Wall Cladding, Ceiling, Floor. Door, Furniture, etc
    Application Home, Hotel, Office, Exhibition, Restaurant, Cinema, Shop, etc.
    Clean Clean with a vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth, not with water
    Installation  Screws or mounting glue
    Package Type 1.Packing of Export Standard/According to customers’ requirements
    2.Inner Packing: Plastic Waterproof Materials
    3.Outer Packing: Plvwood Pallet/Carton
    4.Enough Steel Strips for stability, Corner protected by Plastic or Hardboard


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