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Cork Flooring
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About cork
It is a 100% natural material that comes from the cork bark of the Portuguese national treasure, the cork oak.
Unique plant tissue and low-carbon environmental protection.Labels such as sustainable development, irreplaceable,
fashion give it an unparalleled and unique quality and also create a unique cork.
Cork is widely used in various fields and is a selfless gift from nature to us.


    1.Warm and soft:The special honeycomb structure of cork makes it have the ability to store heat, and the absorbed sound waves are finally converted into heat energy, and it is full of elasticity, so the feet feel warm and soft.

    2.Sound absorption and noise reduction:Through the comparison of professional sound detectors, the natural and unique structure of cork is like sound-absorbing panels, which can reduce indoor noise by 30-50 decibels, creating a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

    3.Environmental and health:Cork is an oak plant dermis that can only grow in the Mediterranean. It is pure natural formaldehyde-free, and is an environmentally friendly and renewable material. Cork does not contain nutrients suitable for bacterial growth, and it is antibacterial and not moldy.

    4.Durable:The wear-resistant layer treatment on the cork surface is effective for a long time, and the unique structure makes even the slightest scratches heal automatically, which is durable and long-lasting.

    5.Easy maintenance:Cork is anti-static, does not absorb dust in the air, and the protective layer on the floor surface makes it easier to care for, just use a damp rag to clean it daily.

    6.Beautiful and fashionable:Due to the particularity and unique advantages of its materials, it is more and more popular and has become a trend.

    Product Name High quality Eco-friendly Cork Floor Tiles  customized Cork Flooring
    Material Cork
    Color Natural or Colored
    Size Customized
    Advantage Durable, comfortable & elastic, thermal & sound insulator,
    environmental friendly, insect repellent & anti-microbial
    Surface treatment UV coating system (LEC0S-1000)
    Installation Clicklock ,Glue down
    Application Bedroom, Living room, Study room, Dressing room, Offic
    More color
    • IGRE5302

    • IGGY2302

    • IGNC306

    • IGNC202

    • IGNC605

    • IGNC501

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