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High-grade PVC Flooring
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Product Information

PVC commercial heterogeneous flooring is an ideal choice for floor decoration in commercial environments. Its surface is composed of multiple layers of different materials, with a certain thickness, which can provide good durability and wear resistance. In addition, the surface coating of PVC commercial heterogeneous flooring usually presents a variety of different patterns and colors, which can be selected according to different commercial needs.


    Features of high-grade PVC Flooring

    1. Strong wear resistance: PVC floor is made of special technology, has extremely high wear resistance, and can withstand high-intensity use in commercial environments.

    2. Rich colors: PVC flooring has a wide variety of colors and patterns, which can be selected according to the style and needs of different commercial places, making the commercial space more personalized and fashionable.

    3. Good anti-skid property: The surface of PVC commercial heterogeneous floor is usually added with anti-skid coating, which enhances the anti-skid property of the floor and makes the ground safer.

    4. High comfort: PVC floor adopts special surface treatment technology, which makes the ground not easy to slide and has a soft and comfortable touch when walking.

    5. Green and environmental protection: PVC floor material does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, which is a green environmental protection product and meets environmental protection requirements.In short, the various advantages of PVC commercial heterogeneous flooring make it one of the first choices for floor decoration in commercial spaces.

    Name High-grade PVC Flooring
    Size 2.0mmx2mx20m/Customizable
    Material PVC
    Application Officebuilding, Shoppingmalls, Cinemas, Hospitals, Schools, libraries, Factory, etc
    Product Type Vinyl Flooring
    Usage Indoor
    • Water proof

    • Anti-scratch

    • Fire protection

    Color Card
    • Store

    • Office

    • Hospital

    • library

    • School

    • Stadium

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