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PU Sandwich Panel
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Product Information

PU Sandwich Panel (polyurethane sandwich panel) is a composite panel with polyurethane foam material as the sandwich layer and color steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, etc. as the panel. It has the advantages of light weight, good thermal insulation performance, high strength, anti-corrosion, fire prevention, and easy installation. It is often used in walls, roofs, heat insulation layers and sound insulation layers of industrial plants, warehouses, cold storages, exhibition halls, office buildings and other buildings.


    PU Sandwich Panel, that is, polyurethane sandwich panel, has the following characteristics

    1. Lightweight: PU sandwich panels are made of polyurethane foam material, which is lightweight and easy to handle and install.

    2. Good thermal insulation performance: It has excellent thermal insulation performance, is not easily affected by external temperature changes, and effectively saves energy.

    3. High strength: it has excellent strength and stability, good compressive resistance, bending resistance and shear resistance, and can withstand certain external impact.

    4. Strong anti-corrosion: the polyurethane sandwich panel panel is made of color steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum plate and other anti-corrosion materials, which has strong anti-corrosion and corrosion resistance.

    5. Good fire performance: PU sandwich panel has excellent fire performance, meets national standards, can effectively isolate fire and reduce fire loss.

    6. Easy to install: PU sandwich panel adopts integral splicing, which is convenient and quick to install, saving labor and time costs.

    Easy Installation Just screw the product onto steel/wooden frame
    Cost Reduction Save up to 60% of build time & labor cost
    Energy-saving Heat conducting efficiency:0.019 W/m.k
    Thermal Insulation Core density:36.4 Kg/m3
    Light Weight  Only 3.17 Kg/m2
    Eco-friendly  Minimum construction waste,100% reusable
    Easy Maintain No need to repaint
    Fire-resistant Fire resistance(core):B1 grade
    Oxygen index test method:26.2 %
    Combustion growth rate exponential:211 W/s
    Waterproof Water absorbing capacity(core):0.9 (V/V)%
    Impermeability(panel):1.5 mm
    Earthquake proof Maximum bending capacity:1.46 Kn/m2
    Long-lasting Peeling resistance.95%
    Cohesional strength.0.14 Mpa
    Compressive strength:0.21 Mpa
    Decoration Hundreds of colors and designs of various stunning effects
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