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Our Bamboo Poles are Moso Bamboo and have a beautiful yellow brown color, pronounced nodes and a very smooth texture. You can use the larger bamboo poles for accent pieces or build with it. Looks great when used with palm thatching. The smaller bamboo poles can be used as molding or attached to just about any surface. Create a whole wall of bamboo poles or build your own tiki bar. These are out decorative poles. Our Garden Stakes are moso Bamboo, and are very strong for their size. Their color is more of golden brown. Primary use is for in your garden, but can be used for other purposes.( We accept custom, we will try my best to meet your require.)



1.NATURAL BAMBOO POLES  item number :ejbp010

Natural Moso bamboo poles and bamboo sticks are commercial grade with uncompromising quality. These bamboo poles and bamboo sticks can be used as a decorative element for indoor and outdoor projects by adding a calming, natural presence to your Zen space.

2.CARBONIzED BAMBOO POLES  item number :ejbp020

Carbonized bamboo poles are carefully smoked to create rich tones that are characterized by warm amber colors and dark shadow accents around the nodes. Carbonized bamboo poles blend seamlessly with urban and contemporary style of décor

3.NATURAL BLACK BAMBOO POLES  item number :ejbp030

Stunning and chic, these black bamboo poles are used for a variety of applications. Thick walled and commonly used in decorative indoor or outdoor décor with colors ranging from dark ebony base to rich black and brown tones. More importantly, it's about serious design and sustainable ethos.

4.SPECKLED BAMBOO POLES  item number :ejbp040

Whether you are into the shabby chic couture or inspired by Asian décor, speckled bamboo poles bring a style of decorating that balances modern and old world charm. The colors range from dark brown base to light tan and brown spots. Moreover, speckled bamboo poles characterize the virtues of strength and endurance.


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